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    Video Tutorial
    New Features
    How to Use
    Main Interface
    Install/Uninstall Sniffer
    Help Content
    Save Sniff Result
    URL Decode
    View Software Information
    Save from Local Cache
    Bug Report
    Copy URL, Referer, Cookie, Request Header
    Filter Settings
    Interface Settings
    Start/Stop Sniffing
    Other Settings
    Switch Result Pages
    Clear Sniff Result
    Conflict Detect
    Remove Tough URL
    Context Help
    Download by Blader
    Add Tough URL
    Exit the Program
    Correct Fuzzy URL
    URL Preview
    File Type Detect
    System Settings
    Customize Download Tools
    Download All by Download Tools
    Show Main Window
    Sniffer Settings
    Tough URL Analysis
    Tough URL Management
    Tough URL Report
    Tough Resource Download
    Update Online

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