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    1. Can not be installed or uninstalled
    CooJah can be used only on Windows platforms which version is higher than Windows2000, Windows2000 is included. And to install and uninstall, you have to be the administrator. Vista may not be supported. You can click here for more information about install and uninstall.

    2. Can CooJah work on my notebook computer which uses wireless network?
    Later version than 4.0 uses new technology, it supports all kinds of network forms, including LAN, ADSL, wireless etc.

    3. Why CooJah sniffed nothing on my computer?
    This is a big question. After you confirm that you are following the instructions, you can turn on the debug feature and send me the debug file debug.txt which resides in the installation folder. Please refer to Bug Report.
    Notice, after installation, or properly speaking, after changes have been made, you have to restart the network software such as web browser before CooJah can take its effect.
    If you don't know which process are using the network, you can check the "Sniff All Network Apps" option is Sniffer Settings page.
    Besides, for the technology reason, CooJah may conflict with other application. Please refer to Conflict Detect to learn more.

    4. Why the whole network is down when using CooJah?
    I don't know the exact reason. But few people did ask me this question. I hope I can get more information from you. So please turn on the Debug function and send me the debug.txt. Please refer to Bug Report.
    On 13/5/2006, some guy reported this problem and provide debug.txt. The following is some key segments.
    C:\WINNT\system32\svchost.exe is loading sniffer
    URLSniffer WSPStartup ...
    next layer provider: C:\WINNT\system32\wa_api60.dll
    WSPStartup call failed: 10106!
    From information above, we can see that "next layer provider" should be C:\WINNT\system32\msafd.dll in normal condition. This is a DLL from Microsoft. So for the wa_api60.dll in above information, it's abnormal. The guy sent me wa_api60.dll, my anti-virus software identified it as virus.
    So if you find similar information in your debug.txt, I suggest you scan your system with anti-virus software first.
    If you do meet with this problem and it has no effect when you have used the urgent uninstall. Please click the Restore_for_2K.reg or Restore_for_XP.reg to import the restore settings to the registry. The former file is for Windows 2000 system and latter for Windows XP.

    5. Coojah sniffed nothing and crashed when exit.
    Please run CooJah first and then uninstall the sniffer and then exit it. Restart your computer. Or you can click Restore_for_2K.reg or Restore_for_XP.reg file in the installation folder and then restart your computer.

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