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    MediaBox is a magic box that can collect all audio/video resources that are playing in your computer. With it you can easily save all kinds of audio/video resources on the internet to local. MebiaBox has powerful network protocol analysis engine as well as DirectShow detection ability. It is compatible with almost all audio/video websites and media players. Meantime, MediaBox has unique download tool Blader and record tool CooREC. They can save most of the audio/video resources to local.

    MediaBox supports sniffing audio/video resources based on HTTP/RTSP/MMS/RTMP serial network protocols. And it also supports sniffing audio/video resources played by local or network media players based on DirectShow technology.

    There are two extra tools in MediaBox package. The download tool Blader and the record tool CooREC. Blader is a characteristic download tool together with MediaBox. Get the real resource addresses by MediaBox and then download them by Blader. It can download many resources that cannot be downloaded by other download tools. Especially, Blader can crack anti-leech and support live stream resources based on HTTP and support all RTMP resources.

    CooREC is a characteristic record tool together with MediaBox. It supports recording media resource based on network stream, both HTTP and RTMP. MediaBox sniffs out media playing then passes to CooREC for recording. Especially, CooREC can record RTMP stream, including RTMPE stream. Thus you can get the RTMP audio/video resources that cannot be downloaded. In the future, CooREC will support recording resources played in DirectShow media players.

    MediaBox supports Windows 2000/XP/Vista/Win7 operating system, both 32-bit and 64-bit. It supports all kinds of network types, such as LAN, ADSL, dial-up, WIFI etc.

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