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    CooJah 6 is an upgrade version based on URLCapturer V5.0. It provides functionality of both sniff and download. It can sniff out all network resources which your computer is requesting. These resources include audios, videos, images, flashes etc. Its exclusive functionality of sniffing whole request header and whole response header can make it much more powerful on network resource downloading and real network resource type identification than any other similar software. Its exclusive functionality of downloading tough network resources can make all downloadable.

    It completely supports downloading all FLV videos, Music including background music of all websites. The slogan of CooJah is: Whatever you see, you listen, I can get it download.

    It supports all kinds of network types of Windows 2000 and Windows XP. Such as LAN, ADSL, Dial up, Wireless etc.

    Some websites use some HTTP parameters, such as Referer and Cookie, to forbid downloading their resources by other tools than web browsers. Or they may only provide audition not downloading. What normal download tools download may be just some warning pages. There is a download tool named Blader released together CooJah. It a tool that can be used together with CooJah to download those resources that normal download tool can't download. Most important feature of Blader is that you can specify any HTTP request header. That is to say, you can specify Referer and Cookie. Thus it can completely simulate other clients such as web browsers and AV players. And as a result, it can break through limitation of some websites. CooJah can sniff out the whole request and response header and can integrate with Blader. These two combine together to be powerful kit for downloading network resources.

    Version supports sniffing and downloading RTMP resources and Version supports RTMPE. Click here to learn more.

    MediaBox is an upgraded version of CooJah and emphazes audio/video resources detection and download. It is much more powful and compatible. Learn More>>

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