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    Main Interface

    Blader is a simple network download tool based on HTTP protocol just like some famous download tools such as flashget, thunder, nettransport. Although it is no powerful than them, it has its own strong suit. That is it can download those resources which cannot downloaded by flashget when integratedly used with CooJah 6.

    Some websites, especially those who provide online video or audio resources, usually only provide audition. Download is not allowed. And some other websites may only support downloaded by web browser. Such as, you can only download by "Save target as" function of IE. These situation can be seen on the mail service websites or network file system. The shortcoming of browser only saving is the downloading speed may be slow. And if there is a break during download, you must save it again from the very beginning. These websites always make it by verifying some specific fields in HTTP header. Such as Referer, User-Agent. While the Cookie field is always used.

    What Blader can do is that it can send to the server the same request headers as browsers or video/audio players. Then the web servers cannot identify whether the request is from browser or from Blader. How to get the whole request headers? You may need network sniffers. CooJah 6 is the most powerful one among those. Blader is right the download tool developed for CooJah 6. They two can used integratedly smoothly. CooJah gets the request headers sending out by browsers or players. Starting Blader from CooJah and download them.

    Now new version of Blader is a part of MediaBox. MediaBox is an upgraded version of CooJah and emphazes audio/video resources detection and download. It is much more powful and compatible. Learn More>>

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