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    1. Add Task
    (1) Add task by Coojah 6
    CooJah 6 can capture all HTTP request packets sending out by your system. MMS, RTSP, RTMP protocols are also supported. The captured URLs and other request information are listed on the interface. You can right-click on a URL. An context menu will popup as below:

    Fig1 CooJah 6 Context Menu

    Selecting "Download by Blader" item will add one or more URLs to task list. And selecting "Download All by Blader" can add all URLs in current CooJah filter page to the task list. Then New Task dialog will popup.

    (2) Add Single Task

    (3) Add Batch Task

    (4) Import Task from File

    2. Skills
    (1) When downloading, you'd better not close or even not refresh the web pages. That is because some cookies are related to process. Once network clients such as IE are closed, the cookie may lost its effect. And in some website situation, the URL is dynamic. Refresh operation will make the URL captured invalid too.
    (2) When the appeared at the head of one task, it means some error occurs. You can see its property and find the failure reason from "Other Information" tab.


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