Download RTMP video and music by CooJah+Blader

2009-06-29 23:28:12

(MediaBox has more powful RTMP detection, download and record abilities. Details>>)

In this article, you can learn how to download network resources based on RTMP protocol with CooJah and Blader.

From version on, Coojah supports sniffing network videos in RTMP. But in some long time, there is no good tools that can download them. Some tools like Replay Media Catcher and NetTransport require registration and they are not friendly to use.

And from version on, CooJah support RTMP music sniffing. And meanwhile, Blader released together with CooJah can download these RTMP videos and audios. Blader and CooJah are integrated together. They together become a powerful free RTMP downloader. Following part will show you how to download RTMP resources by CooJah and Blader. To learn more about the usages of CooJah and Blader, please click,

1. Run CooJah

2. Open the web pages that contain RTMP videos or music or Run the software that plays RTMP medias online

3. CooJah will automatically sniff out RTMP URLs of the media resources. Figure below shows the situation when visit See2Say site. The upper part shows opening the web page in Internet Explorer. And the lower part shows that CooJah has sniffed out the RTMP URL and displays it in Video page.

4. Right click on the RTMP URL. Select "Download by Blader" item in the pop-up menu.

5. Blader will be started and a dialog will pop up for adding task. You can choose location for saving the RTMP resource and rename it.

6. Click OK to start downloading.

7. Latest version of Blader supports RTMP download which requires Secure Token. Please refer to:

8. Version 5.0.315.0523) supports RTMPE sniffing and downloading.


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