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    Blader is a network download tool that supports HTTP protocol. It has basic download tool functions like download and download management. It supports downloading files in several parts and can resume last breaking position. Comparing to other download tools, the biggest advantage is that you can specify the cookie in HTTP header. Some websites use referer and cookie to avoid downloading. So Blader can download those files cannot be downloaded by other tools. You can fully customized the whole HTTP request headers.

    Blader can be used separately, you have to specify some task information manually such as URL, Referer, Cookie etc. The interface of add task is as below.

    If you choose "Use Customized Request Header", the interface will be like this:

    Please notice that, if you are not familiar with HTTP protocol, you should not edit the customized request header manually. It is highly recommended that you use CooJah to capture URLs with whole request headers and added them as task to Blader.

    Blader can be integrated with CooJah 6. You can start Blader from the Tools Menu. Also you can right click on the URLs and select "Download by Blader" from the Context Menu. Blader will be started automatically and the URL, Referer, Cookie info. are also added to Blader.

    Suggestion: Do not close the clients such as web browser when downloading files with cookie info by Blader.
    When downloading Tough URLs, do remember to check the "Use Customized Request Header" and "Forbid getting file size before downloading" options.

    Please visit Blader's Homepage for details.

    MediaBox is an upgraded version of CooJah and emphazes audio/video resources detection and download. It is much more powful and compatible. New version of Blader is also a part of MediaBox. Learn More>>


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